Maintaining a yacht’s value is of key importance. Which is why expert technical supervision and management of a yacht and her maintenance cycle are so fundamental. The Watermark team have the experience and ability to provide the necessary oversight regarding the...

Technical oversight

We provide a dedicated Technical Manager for the yacht who is responsible for monitoring the yacht at all times to ensure that it is well maintained and fit for operation.  We work closely with the crew to ensure that any issues that arise are resolved quickly and effectively.

Technical Advice and Assistance

We support both the Client and the yacht crew with any Technical Issues or Queries, providing unbiased advice and recommendations to all parties.

Strategic Technical Management

We develop and implement long-term Maintenance Strategies for the yacht and its technical systems and equipment.  This allows us to predict and project expenditure on a 1, 3 and 5-year cycle, thereby enabling efficient and effective planning.

Survey and Audit

Our professional and experienced team carry out Technical Audits and Surveys on the yachts in our fleet and independent surveys on other yachts that are for sale or purchase.  This assists Clients to understand the actual condition of existing or prospective purchases.

Shipyard Support

We provide Technical Support to the yacht and crew when they enter Shipyard, either to carry out planned maintenance in a refit period or for an unscheduled repair.  We liaise with the shipyard staff, technical advisors and contractors or sub-contractors to ensure that the work is completed efficiently and properly and is on time and within budget.