Operational Management 24/7

At Watermark we provide our Clients with an experienced management team who focus on looking after the yacht’s safe operations, the crew, and the Client’s interests. Each yacht has a dedicated operational management team and the full support of experienced...

Yacht Manager

Provide a dedicated Yacht Manager to serve as the main contact point between the Captain and the Client’s team.


Assist the Captain and crew in sourcing supplies, spare parts and storage.  Provide port information and contact details for local agents.  Help the crew with visa applications when required.


Request and review competitive quotations for Insurance Covers and liaise with the insurers when renewals are due.  Administer and monitor any insurance claims.

Flag and Class Surveys

Liaise with Flag and Class Authorities regarding annual surveys, and administer surveys when they are due.

Yacht and Crew Certification

Review, monitor and maintain accurate records of all Yacht and Crew Certification. Advise relevant parties when renewals are due or close to expiration.

Berthing and Bunkering

Assist with any Berthing and Bunkering arrangements in conjunction with the yacht and crew.


Administer Crew Payroll and maintain accurate records of all transfers made.

Crew Travel

Assist with Crew Travel arrangements as required.