Watermark have unrivalled experience in the Superyacht New Build and Refit sector, having completed many of the most challenging and technically advanced projects in the yachting industry. Our team covers all aspects - from drafting the initial specification to final...

Build Contract Review

We use our experience to review and refine the Build Contract and the associated annexes to make sure that they correspond with the needs of all parties.

Project and Financial Management

We provide both Technical Project Management and Financial Build Management, ensuring that the project is completed on time, within budget, and in accordance with the standards required in the Build Specification.

Crew Recruitment, Administration and Training

We identify and recruit professional and qualified crew to join the project at relevant times over the course of the build.  We take care of the administrative tasks of finding accommodation for the crew, arranging transport, equipping crew offices and related tasks. ...

Online Management Software Implementation

All yachts benefit from onboard Management Software that links the management company and the yacht in real-time. We assist in choosing, installing, and preparing this software for operation.

ISM / ISPS / MLC Implementation

We ensure that the statutory framework for safe operation of the yacht is in position prior to delivery, and that the Captain and crew are familiar with all the procedures, policies and regulatory requirements pertaining to safety and security.

Implementation of Operational Management

In the final stages of the project, we implement all the systems and procedures that are required for an efficient and seamless transfer into Operational Management of the yacht. This ensures that the Client is able to use the yacht as soon as possible following...


We oversee the commissioning and acceptance process of the end of the project. This involves overseeing all of the testing, trials and final acceptance of the yacht on behalf of the Client.