Qualified and experienced crew are essential to the safety and success of every yacht’s operation. The purpose of Watermark’s Crew Management and HR Service is to attract, develop, manage and maintain talented crew on board our yachts. The ongoing development of key...

Crew Recruitment

Assist the Captain and crew to source and select suitably qualified, professional and experienced crew for each position on board.  Assist with crew interviews if requested. All candidates’ references will be checked, and security vetted should it be required.

Psychometric Profiling

Work with the Captain and Heads of Departments to define the core skills, values and beliefs needed for each position – the ‘profile’.  The Watermark team have the skills and qualifications needed to conduct psychometric testing of individual crew members using the...

Skills Assessments

Assist the Captain and Heads of Department to conduct a skills assessment survey on board to identify any skills gaps and to determine any crew training and development needs for individual crew members.

Salary Scales

Provide the Captains and crew with industry accepted Salary Scales for yachts of a similar size, crew complement and operation. The Salary Scales will include the position on board, the professional qualifications required for each position and the recommended...

Employment Terms and Conditions

Advise Captains and crew regarding industry standard Employment Terms and Conditions. These will include but will not be limited to the following – salary, rotation, flight allocation, vacation, bonuses and repatriation. Review and monitor all applicable rules and...

Training and Development

Assist the Captain and crew to implement a Crew Training and Development Plan to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of all crew members, and the crew complement as a whole.

Performance Management

Assist the Captain and Heads of Department to implement a Performance Management System for the yacht and for the crew. This includes setting individual and team goals, reviewing and assessing progress on a regular basis, and developing the knowledge, skills and...

Crew Administration – Procedures and Policies

Compile Human Resource Procedures and Policies in conjunction with the Captain and Heads of Department, to cover all crew activities and operations on board. This includes, but is not limited to, the following – job descriptions, performance appraisal procedures, crew...

Grievance Management / Conflict Resolution

Work with the Captain and crew to manage any grievances or conflict on board to ensure that the solution implemented is fair, equitable and appropriate for all the parties concerned.

Annual Crew Reviews

Implement an annual schedule of crew interviews where crew are able to freely discuss any personal or professional matters in complete confidence. Compile a final confidential report for the Captain and Owner’s Representative listing any issues or items that need to...

Career Guidance

Provide career guidance and support to all crew members wishing to establish a career in the yachting industry. Assist the crew to implement a training plan and schedule to ensure that their career progression stays on track.

Coaching and Mentoring

Watermark employ experienced coaches and mentors who are qualified to provide coaching and mentoring services to their Captains and crew. Coaching and mentoring provides crew members with a confidential platform to investigate their individual strengths and...

Team Building

Help the Captain and crew arrange team building events and sessions to strengthen crew morale, to develop skills and abilities, and to build cohesive and high functioning teams.

Crew Satisfaction

Using carefully designed crew surveys, focus groups and an exit interview strategy, Watermark is able to determine what underlies crew engagement and dissatisfaction, and address those issue to focus and motivate crew.