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A tailored service for the management of luxury vessels

Watermark Yacht Management was founded by key players from the technical and operational management sector of the superyacht industry who pooled their knowledge and extensive experience. Watermark’s collective expertise, together with cutting-edge technology, provides a unique ability to ensure that yachts are built, repaired, crewed, monitored, and operated in a professional fashion – independently from brokerage or chartering interests – while ensuring that owners enjoy superlative service and gain maximum benefit from their valuable asset.

The Watermark Yachts team

The collective experience and knowledge of the Watermark Yacht Management team covers every aspect of managing superyachts. From putting the first plans on paper to sailing around the world to far off ports.


Maintaining a yacht’s value is of key importance. Which is why expert technical supervision and management of a yacht and her maintenance cycle are so fundamental. The Watermark team have the experience and ability to provide the necessary oversight regarding the technical operation and status of the yacht. This includes day-to-day assistance, resolving technical issues, and scheduling refits and maintenance. With proactive planning we reduce expenditure and minimise unscheduled maintenance periods. Our focus is to ensure the ongoing smooth operation of the yacht.